4 simple steps in how do solar panels work?

How do solar panels work?



We all know what photovoltaic energy is and even its great utility, but do you know how solar panels work?

First, if you do not remember very well what solar panels are, do not worry, after knowing how simple it is and its great advantages, you will probably want to be a user of this ecotechnology.

Solar panels are devices that capture the energy of Solar panels radiation to generate your own electrical energy.

Where can they be used?

This set of solar cells that transform the sun’s energy into useful electricity can be used in all types of buildings, houses and industries.

In four simple steps, we explain how photovoltaic solar panels work. In Mexico there is already a great variety of companies that sell and install solar panels.

solar panel

  1. Solar panels absorb sunlight

The panels consist of numerous cells (photovoltaic cells) responsible for converting sunlight into electricity. These cells are known as photovoltaic cells and depend on the photovoltaic effect and thanks to this, positive and negative charges are produced in two semiconductors to produce an electric field capable of generating current.

cell diagram

When the solar panels, they produce direct current (DC) electricity, converting it later into alternating current (electrical energy). In this way, solar panels can produce energy that translates into electricity.

  1. Energy becomes usable electricity

Each system of photovoltaic solar panels is connected with an inverter or microinverter, responsible for converting direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity, that is, the type of usable electricity needed to provide electricity to your home or property where you installed them.

  1. Electricity flows through a meter

The solar panel system is interconnected to the electrical network (CFE) with a bidirectional meter. The usable electricity flows through the panels, it is used in real time and the rest that you do not occupy, goes to the network so you can use the energy at night.

The meter is of standard utility, but in this case it measures the electricity that is generated through the panels and the one that you can get to use from CFE.

  1. That’s it! Uses electricity produced by the sun

After flowing through the meter, electricity is distributed through our house to provide electrical power to appliances we use such as the refrigerator, television, air conditioner and any electronic device you connect as you regularly do.


If you are now convinced that the use of solar panels in your home or company is the best idea to save energy and money, these are some options available in the market.