10 advantages and 6 disadvantages of Solar Energy

solar energy

Solar Energy

It is said that the future is the solution of Solar Energy, but is it really the best option. There are many people who have already implemented solar panels in their homes.

The 10 advantages by which if it is viable:

  1. The production cost is lower

Many users see in this sustainable energy, a way to substantially reduce their electricity bill. This is undoubtedly one of the main advantages, not to say the main one. It will be cheaper for us.

  1. In some countries there are subsidies

At the beginning, when it began to be implemented, succulent grants were offered to bet on this initiative. At the end of the day, with time it is very advantageous. There are fewer and fewer grants for this purpose, but you can consult it in your country of origin.

  1. Contribute to the environment

It is a “healthy” energy for the ecosystem. It does not cause pollution but it is true that leftovers are filtered during the transport or installation of the energy panels; however it is very little compared to conventional energy sources. This movement, moreover, helps to fight against climate change.

  1. Global availability

The sun shines in all corners of the world; therefore, if there is sun, there is solar energy to a greater or lesser extent.

  1. Maintenance is cheap

The maintenance of the solar panels is really low. If you want to install it in your house, it is possible that one cleaning per year is enough. It could require even two, but no more. The panels or solar tubes also have a guarantee of about 25 years, making this type of products the best long-term alternative.

  1. You can generate electricity at remote sites

Undoubtedly one of the advantages is that it can be used to have electricity in places that cannot depend on electrical network. You just have to install the panels to enjoy this type of energy.

  1. Transparent panels in the future

The user will not have to do anything after buying them. To the corresponding annual cleanings.

  1. It is a sustainable energy

This is another of the great advantages, like our solar skylight, it does not consume itself.

  1. It is a renewable source

Even if we wanted, we could not remain without solar energy because it is renewable. It is another of the most outstanding advantages.

  1. You will be able to sell the energy that you have over

Many individuals can sell the excess energy produced. You have to read the regulations well.

The 6 disadvantages that our solar tube portal has been able to detect

These 6 disadvantages of solar energy may make you rethink the installation of any energy-gathering device:


  1. Requires a normally high economic investment

Actually, solar energy is expensive, when panels are installed, many times half of the project is being subsidized, therefore, it is difficult to foresee the real cost of the investment. It is the main reason why many users think twice. In the short term, it is expensive, but over time, apart from contributing to the environment, the savings will of course be substantial and notable.


  1. You will need to do works at home

This is also associated with the costs since you will have to install the solar panels, as with our solar tube, you can see the installation guide step by step of the solar tube here in case you still do not know this product.

  1. You will not always have the energy you want

Solar energy depends on the sun, if there is not, we will have less energy. We can enjoy more or less energy, but in general, it should reach us without problem even if the day is cloudy. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the energy that will be produced every day.

  1. Contaminates a little

The installation of solar panels and transport causes an impact on the atmosphere. Nonetheless, it is a clean energy. It contaminates very little, that’s why it contributes to the environment.

  1. Beware of space

The lower the solar power density (W / m ^ 2), the more space we need, which implies higher costs. Storing energy is expensive, as well as batteries to calm the production-demand of energy.

  1. The panels are not totally efficient

At this time, there is still a long way to go for solar energy. The panels do not manage to be as efficient as they should be. Some are also limited to certain areas.