What are the advantages of solar panels?

Advantage Of Solar Panels

Solar Panels

A part of capitalism has made us think in the following way: it is more important to reduce costs than to do it well.

In this sense, how many times do we prefer the cheap over the well-done or, in the worst of the extremes:

How many times do we sacrifice the long term for the immediate?

The example is not scolding but demonstrative:

  • we think that since resources are at hand, they are endless, like water.
  • If it comes out of the tap of my sink or sold bottled in the supermarket, it does not matter where it comes from and what its supply implies.
  • In general, we make unconscious use of what nature gives us, thinking that it will never end or that it will be renewed.
  • And not only applies for that, oil and its derivatives are also a great example and are in all the energy we consume, from the gasoline in the car to the gas in the stove or the water heater in the shower.
  • But just as there is limited oil, as far as we know, there is Sun and unlimited wind, two of the cleanest and most efficient options to replace the energies that until now only the black gold provides and on which we depend toxically.
  • But speaking only of the Sun, in many countries solar panels are an option that is taken into account, not only for its environmental advantages but also for the expenses that can be significantly reduced.
  • In addition to other advantages that are almost unknown.


7 Advantages of solar panels?

  1. Earn money instead of paying the light

In case the area where you live has many hours of sun, the solar panels can be overfilled. Thus, the surplus electricity returns to the network and a balance are generated in favor that the electricity company can reimburse you.

  1. They add value to your property

The National Office of Economic Research concluded that properties with solar panels installed increase their value between three and four percent per year.

  1. Forget paying the electricity bill

The percentage of savings can be up to 99 percent on the receipt of CFE, in the case of Mexico. One of the most appreciated benefits by users of solar panels is this. You can use all the electricity and energy that you need without fear of a great expense that can be generated because rather, it will be null.

  1. They avoid noise pollution

The solar panels – during their use and installation – are quite silent, compared to alternatives such as hydraulics or wind.

  1. Conservation of the environment

The use of solar panels does not generate harmful substances for the living beings that inhabit the planet.

  1. Economic impulse

By making use of this type of energy, nations boost their economy and diversify their markets.

  1. Maintenance

The solar panels require very little maintenance because they do not have mechanical parts that can present faults.

The advantages of solar panels are many, from the most practical such as saving money, to taking care of life on the planet.