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Why we use a frequency converter to control fans and pumps?

Energy saving The great advantage of using a variator or frequency converter (vdf) to control the speed of fans or pumps is in the electricity savings that are obtained. Compared to alternative regulatory systems and technologies, a frequency


In this post you will learn how to select the UPS that best suits your needs based on the equipment you need to protect, its consumption and the required autonomy time. CALCULATION OF THE CONSUMPTION UPSs are

What You Don’t Know About Difference Between Inverter & Converter

Frequency converter Vs Frequency inverter Often, the manufacturers and marketers of these devices are faced with the dilemma of deciding what is the best combination of words, in the local language, to name them in a simple,

How Much Do You Know about Frequency Converter?

Difference between frequency converters and variable frequency drives Frequency converter: it comes to mean the existence of a frequency conversion equipment whose purpose is to adapt a power source. Variable frequency drive: Refers to devices used as

Reasons Why People Like Frequency Converter

What is a frequency converter? Frequency converters are electronic devices that allow you to control the speed of an AC motor . Background: If electric motors or AC motors are operated directly from an AC voltage supply system, they can only

Important Things To Observe In Advantages & Disadvantages Of Frequency Inverter.

Advantages and disadvantages From the beginning of the industry, until today motors have been the main source of movement. From steam systems to the discovery of electric motors which provide electromotive force, the need has arisen to control

How Much Do You Know about Frequency Inverter?

What is Frequency Inverter ? The frequency inverter is the effective solution to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. On this page we will talk about the characteristics and operation of the

Difference between Online and Interactive UPS

To understand the difference they must take into account that the UPS are more than just backup power, they are protection for computer equipment. When there is a power interruption, the UPS from its battery bank automatically and instantly generates


UPS UPS systems allow home and business users to avoid data loss or business disruption, as a result of a temporary power supply failure. UPS systems guarantee power backup, which makes it easier for users to close


Solar Panels The Possible to put solar panels in my house is not easy since each situation is particular for many reasons. Those are The electricity consumption of your home per day The size of the photo