Best solar photovoltaic panels

In the world market of solar photovoltaic panels, there are different brands, quality, country of production, but which are the best solar panels for 2018.

Which solar panels are better?  When considering the installation of solar panels in your home, there are few important questions that should answer what are the best solar panels for 2018? or what are the best solar panels What are the best solar panels for your needs, how much will they cost, what features should you look for and what is the retribution?  Also, use this guide to get the best possible performance from the government rate. In the next gallery, you will find more information about the best solar panels in 2018 in the market you just have to click on the images and you will get all the information


When it’s time to choose the right panels for your home, you should see your options up close. Photovoltaic panels prices have fallen around 61% since 1980, in line with Swanson’s law some solar panels offer more performance than others due to better efficiency and price.

The best solar panels on the market

How we decide on the best solar Photovoltaic panels on the market How to choose the best solar panel 2018, is a difficult decision. The best solar panels for 2018   It is important to consider that there are panels with better efficiency, better guarantees and, sometimes, even better longevity. You can also buy panels that are as little as half the price of some of the top 10 options listed here. However, we chose the 10 best solar panels for 2018 based on a combination of factors designed to offer value. For example, we choose low to mid-range panels that offer the most value for money. Better solar panels from brands like SunPower offer up to 5% more efficiency, but the cost is high enough so that the additional efficiency does not compensate for the higher investment.


We care about quality and longevity, so all panels on this list have high resistance to corrosion by salt and ammonia certified by TUV NORD or an equivalent body, minimum wind load of 2400 Pascal and load of snow 5400 Pascal and a minimum product guarantee of 10 years.


You want to know that the effectiveness of your panels is guaranteed, so we establish a minimum of 25 years warranty. These panels are guaranteed at 90% efficiency for a minimum of 10 years and 80% for a minimum of 25 years.

 User comment:

User opinions are important to determine the long-term quality of a panel. We only choose panels with reviews that average 4.5 or more.


All of our 10 main panels are from manufacturers of level 1 solar panels. Level 1 manufacturers have investments with at least 5 main banks, they are international players and, therefore, can better support their guarantees.


Our main concern was to choose panels that offer high value in exchange for money. We look for models that balance efficiency with the cost so you can get the best return on your investment. This means that, for more than 25 years, these panels are more likely to provide better performance than lower-priced models that may last less than high-end models, which have to produce more energy only to recover the cost of the purchase.Photovoltaic panels