The best sources of Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)

Sources Of Uninterruptible Power Supply


The Sources of Uninterruptible Power Supply for Selecting the required UPS should be based on the power consumption of the equipment. The power of the battery should be 20-30% higher than the similar figures of your computer system. To select the optimal energy source, it is not necessary to calculate the power consumption of the system, power supply, video cards, etc. It is enough to estimate the performance of your machine approximately.

Type of UPS

The simplest and least expensive backup UPS, which operates predominantly in saving mode and in the event of a jump voltage instantly switches to the built-in battery. This type will be reliable protection for a regular computer and a standard network of electricity.

However, if you have quite frequent races on your home network, you need to focus your attention on a linear interactive UPS with a voltage regulator. This power supply will switch much faster to the battery. The device has a long service life and a degree of protection against sudden changes.

The most effective protection against voltage jumps is given by online Uninterruptible Power Supply, which operates in a steady state and generates stable energy during the operation of the computer, providing a constant power supply. This type of device is definitely effective, but it is also the most expensive one.

Online UPS:

Online ups

Buying an online Uninterruptible Power Supply for a home is usually unwarranted and in most cases, it is better to save and buy a backup or line-interactive power supply.

When purchasing Uninterruptible Power Supply, you should choose models that have software that allows you to save running applications. In case of the sudden shutdown, the device will open all running programs again.

The main purpose of the backup power generator is the ability to give the user at work not to lose the necessary data in the event of a sudden power outage with the subsequent safe switching off of the computer. The battery life depends on the capacity of the battery, as well as the amount and power of the devices powered by it.

Key Features:

  1. Battery life is measured in years, frequently used lead batteries lose capacity in 1-3 years, It all depends on the type of battery manufacturer, therefore, there is a difference in price.
  2. The voltage at the output – measured in volts (B, V).
  3. Duration of battery autonomy – depending on the power and the number of devices connected to it. (Often a new battery power of one unloaded computer can withstand about 40-50 minutes).
  4. switching time (switching from network to battery life).
  5. Output power – measured in Volt-Amps (VA / VA) or in the OP (W / W). It is not recommended to connect the UPS to devices with “start-up currents”. For example, for this reason, it is not recommended to connect laser printers to an energy-saving source

Power and standby time

There are different types of devices in power:

  • High-power devices, More than 5000 VA. Such capacities allow the security of servers and a whole group of computers;
  • Elements of average power, within 1000 – 5000 VA. Such devices are applicable to small servers and local area networks;
  • Low power equipment, Less than 1000 VA. Used mainly for home use.
  • It is recommended for a more correct operation of the Uninterruptible Power Supply, to choose its power by 25-35% more connected device. In the case of upgrading your computer, this stock will not allow you to overpay for a new, more powerful UPS. Power is indicated on the back of the power supply.
  • Quite often, the cause of damage to the “interruptions” is various insects that love to be in warm places. In the premises where a large number of computing machines is concentrated, regular disinfection should be performed.

There are different ranges of duration of operation of the sources of BP. They fluctuate (2-15 minutes):

  • For a home-based “uninterrupted”, the source will be the best, which lasts about 10 minutes;
  • For corporate work, the UPS is selected based on the duration, depending on the volumes and capacities of the machines used.
  • Many electrical devices are capable of withstanding voltage fluctuations of about 100 ms. Many UPS switches over 6-11 ms. The less switching time, the better.
  • It should not be forgotten when choosing an uninterrupted source for protecting peripherals (printer, scanner, etc.).


UPS diagram

  • The battery (12/24 V) in the case of a serial connection of the batteries forms an alternating voltage. 220 V with the inverter. In the event of a network failure, an acoustic alarm will be activated on the UPS.
  • The time it takes to complete all open documents, programs, and programs vary in intervals of 10-15 minutes.
  • The scheme of the passive (backup) UPS contains:
  • The filter, which protects the whole circuit of the device from voltage losses, is often found in the electrical circuit.
  • Rectifier, through which passes the alternating voltage – allows you to charge the battery.
  • The inverter converts a constant voltage into a variable.
  • A key, Designed to ensure the supply of variable voltage to load.
  • The scheme of linear-interactive “uninterrupted” is similar to passive, the only difference is the presence of an autotransformer containing isolated taps.
  •  The inverter produces a signal at the output in the form of a sinusoid, or rectangular pulses.

Double-converter UPS scheme

The output frequency is often equal to the frequency of the electric circuit.In this type of UPS, the inverter works continuously, despite the presence of voltage in the network. If the network voltage disappears, the inverter is switched to battery mode.Switching is much faster than in previous models. Such a source has (bypass line), which allows to directly feed the load from the network. This scheme allows you not to interrupt the supply voltage to the load, in case of failure of the inverter.


UPS (UPS) c switches (standby) – simple and inexpensive, most popular for homework.

  1. Interact with the network (linear-interactive) – applicable to local and small home networks, allowing to gradually stabilizing the alternating voltage.
  2. Industrial UPS (with dual transducer) – have the highest level of protection against drop and disappearance of the network.
  3. According to the principle of operation, computer sources of an uninterruptible power supply can be divided into 3 main groups.