Commercial grade iback UPS

1Ø-1Ø 5KVA-10KVA

Commercial grade iback UPS

iback UPS is a single conversion topology, Zer-transfer time, backup UPS that provides uninterupted Power to critical and common loads at the same time.

DSP Controlled

  • 5KVA/48VDC, 6KVA/72VDC, 7KVA/72VDC , 10KVA/120VDC.
  •  Saves Electricity Bills by 35%-40%.
  • 100% Indegenous – designed in our end-end full fledged in-house R&D.
  •  Export Compliant
  • Available for OEMs
  • Awarded the most Innovative Power Solution by SD.
  • Solar Compatible
  • Zero-change-over-time – Mains synchronised Zero transfer using DSP.
  • Mains voltage conditioning – Extendes the life of connected gadget by 35% in comparison to off-line UPS/Inverters.


  • Smart class, PC labs – Schools, Colleges.
  • Billing counters & lights – Hospitals, shopping malls
  • Office – PCs, servers, photocopiers, fans, TV, ACs