Difference between Online and Interactive UPS

To understand the difference they must take into account that the UPS are more than just backup power, they are protection for computer equipment.

When there is a power interruption, the UPS from its battery bank automatically and instantly generates 115 Volt and 60 Hz power and in this way the connected equipment continues to operate and can be paid, if necessary, in a way controlled. The UPS also generates its own voltage and frequency 60Hz.


Both the Interactive UPS and the On-Line UPS provide emergency power, instantaneously and continuously, when a power failure or other electrical failure occurs. UPSs are part of  the backup system.

They provide a battery backup that allows:

  •  Start a generator or powerplant.
  •  Wait a few minutes, according to the battery bank, to restore the service of the electric company
  •  Perform equipment shutdown.

All UPSs are “Double Conversion” equipment

UPSs are made up of three main blocks:

  1. The rectifier (or battery charger)
  2. The batteries
  3. and the inverter.

This process of converting from Alternating Current (AC) to Continuous Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) is called “Double Conversion”.


An Interactive  technology UPS  has an automatic voltage stabilizer, Transient Suppressor and Interference Suppressor (STSI), a battery bank, AC / DC battery charger and a DC / AC inverter. (Continuous Current to Alternating Current).

The Interactive UPS filters the energy supplied by the energy company. When there is a cut, the inverter turns on automatically and the power is supplied by the UPS from the batteries with the proper voltage and frequency.

In this technology, the inverter turns on only when there is a cut.

The Interactive UPS must be used in non-critical electrical situations such as personal computers, Small Office / Home Office equipment and workstations.

In ON-LINE technology the inverter stays on all the time. Therefore, it does not filter the energy but constantly generates high quality energy, with stabilized voltages and frequencies, free of impurities and all electrical irregularities. The On-Line team has an emergency bypass line; Thus, if there is damage to the UPS, the server and computers continue to function through the bypass, without interruption.

ON LINE technology is ideal for applications where reliability is the highest priority, as there is no risk that the inverter will not turn on in a power outage. This is the most appropriate option to give the best protection to critical load equipment.

The equipment with critical loads are those that under no circumstances can stop working and that because of their importance they need the best possible quality of energy.

There are also In-line UPSs: It has active filters that stabilize the input voltage (computers, monitors, servers).