Interesting facts about solar Panels & Solar Battery

About Solar Panels & Solar Battery

Solar Panels

As everyone knows the fact of solar panels and solar battery are photovoltaic cells that generate electricity under the influence of sunlight. And it does not matter where these panels are used, in the garden or large enterprise, the principle of their work will not change, the difference between them is only in the amount and amount of electricity that is produced, that is, more powerful solar panels are needed for the enterprises to operate.

It is worth noting that many world-famous manufacturers specialize in industrial power systems This is explained by the lack of major energy sources (gas, oil, coal).

What is the benefit of using?


During operation (and this is more than 20-25 years), solar panels generate electricity in cash equivalent much more than was spent on their manufacturing and installation.

Ease of placement. The solar panels can be placed on virtually any surface, which will save you considerable space because every meter of extra space costs entrepreneur absolutely not cheap.

The absence of any consumables and fuel, as well as maintenance and repair.


Areas of distribution of solar panels

area of distribution

The largest distribution of solar panels was obtained in small businesses, for example, in farms. The reason for this is the remoteness from the central power grid because it is often entrepreneurs much more profitable to install photoelectric batteries than to build power lines.

In addition to other solar panels you can meet:


At the treatment facilities;

At gas stations in different world countries;

On industrial warehouses and telecommunication systems;

In the gas and oil industry on cathode protection systems;

On railways, etc.

As you can see, solar panels can be used effectively in various fields, but despite this, it’s still too early to talk about the widespread use of alternative energy sources at large enterprises.


Trends in alternative energy in the world

Some of the countries that are actively using the energy of the sun and save a lot of money. For example, a solar power system with a capacity of 181 kW is used to charge the battery the solar panels are located on the roofs of industrial warehouses. But the leading position is still Germany. The Germans with their save each Watt. An example is the so-called passive office building all of its engineering systems operate at the expense of energy generated by roof-mounted solar panels.

It has a broad program for the transition of large business associations and industrial enterprises to solar panels and collectors in order to reduce the cost of primary fuel and energy resources. According to official data for 2013, 29 solar collectors and 9 photovoltaic stations were put into operation in the republic; in the current year, another 88 solar collectors and 60 photovoltaic stations are under construction. But this is just a “drop in the sea” because the large-scale transition to alternative energy sources requires higher power. Although the beginning is laid, and this is the main thing!

World practice shows that solar panels need to be considered not as a short-term project, which will soon be forgotten, but on the contrary, as advanced technologies, for which the future. The minerals are depleted every day, not far off, when they are exhausted completely, and then there will be hope only in the sun. So why wait for this time, one has to think about the problems of the fuel crisis right now.

Fact about Solar Battery

solar battery




Global warming and massive environmental pollution have been able to attract people’s attention. Renewable energy can be obtained from natural resources (sun, water, wind, geothermal heat). Solar energy is the most popular.

Illusion 1: Solar batteries do not work in cloudy weather

Fact: Cloudiness does not affect the process efficiency. Even in the winter, solar panels generate electricity as much as in the sunny hot summer weather. It is worth noting that such systems produce maximum efficiency in countries.

Illusion 2: China’s solar panels are of poor quality

Fact: More than 80% of the equipment for alternative energy systems is produced in China. Unfortunately, recently there was a statement that all goods produced in the Middle Kingdom – poor quality. However, producers who worry about their reputation have all the necessary international certificates. In addition, the cost of Chinese equipment is significantly lower than the cost of equipment for American or European production.

Illusion 3: Solar energy – a dear thing

Fact: Significant demand is worth noting. This is due to a fall in the cost of solar panels – as much as 30%.

Illusion 4: The installation of solar panels is a rather complicated process, which then requires constant maintenance

Fact: Installing panels is easy if you have chosen a trusted vendor. It is worth not neglecting such general rules as the purity of the surface of the solar collector. Dust and dirt are washed off with clean water 3-4 times a year.

Illusion 5: Solar panels can damage the roof

Fact: Solar panels protect the roof from aggressive atmospheric influences. In case you need to repair the roof, you can easily dismantle the panels. Helium collectors are not attached to the roof, and the spaces between the roof and panels fill with sealant.

Illusion 6: The surplus of electricity is stored in the system

Fact: In fact, the amount of accumulated electricity is limited by the depth of the battery charge. Yes, it is impossible to connect an alternative energy system to the electricity grid in Ukraine. As for the EU countries, there is a widespread generation of electricity with the system. If the system is connected to the electric system, then you can give the excess to the city system, and write bonuses to your account.

Illusion 7: Selling a home equipped with solar panels is much more complicated

Fact: On the contrary, the cost of lodging equipped with solar modules is increased by 10-15 thousand dollars. In addition, such buildings are more likely to be bought.

Illusion 8: The choice of modules depends on the size of the dwelling

Fact: Solar panels are designed according to the needs of each homeowner. Before choosing a solar panel, it’s worth paying particular attention to the area where you plan to place them. There should not be a large number of trees.

Illusion 9: Why invest in solar energy if there is coal

Fact: The use of solar panels does not harm the environment, and coal is the opposite. In addition, coal mining is harmful to the health of miners and increases the rate of mercury and carbon dioxide.

Illusion 10: Solar cells are harmful to the environment after the expiration of their life

Fact: Solar panels are 35 years old. After the shelf life of the solar panels loses its effectiveness and they should be recycled. Some manufacturers take solar panels for recycling for free