iback UPS – The Proxy Online UPS

Most often the solution for a particular problem becomes a source of another problem. This is true even in the case of power conditioners. The running cost in terms of electricity bill is a factor seldom considered while offering or choosing solutions.

Let’s look at the case of Online UPS, the widely used power solution and see how an iback UPS (Proxy Online UPS) can save power without compromising the advantages of Online UPS.

For UPS requirement in excess of 5KVA, the line-interactive UPS are not preferred as the change-over time is more and the voltage stabilization is also not available; conventional double conversion Online UPS is generally preferred in order to achieve zero-change-over time thus ensuring fail safe data protection. But the price paid is increase of electricity bills typically by 30%-40%* of the actual usage due to double conversion losses, more number of batteries and escalated purchase cost.

Arvi offers Proxy Online UPS; the zero-transfer time sinewave UPS (Mains synchronized, electronic enable/disable of inverter using DSP) with zero voltage switching mains voltage stabilizer.

Proxy Online UPS – the eco-friendly power solution from Arvi, offers you the advantage of zero-change-over using mains synchronized electronically controlled, single conversion topology using DSP with 98% overall efficiency in 99% runtime independent of the load percentage.

The other advantage is that the UPS can handle lights and fans also along with the PC loads, hence a need for different UPS for different kinds of loads is eliminated.

Longer life (Value of money) – Proxy Online UPS is an indigenously designed UPS for Indian power condition and hence is rugged and has long life. It has a life of more than 10-12yrs as compared to 3-5yrs of conventional imported Online UPS systems.

A power saving SMART HKVA power solution                                                                             – for School & college PC labs, banks, villas, offices etc.

  • Achieves the benefit of zero-change-over-time using single conversion technology.

(Saves 30%-40% of electricity in comparison to double conversion Online 

           UPS topology).


  • Lower number of battery is its unique advantage.

Available in 5KVA/48VDC, 6KVA & 7KVA in 72VDC, 10KVA in 120VDC.


  • Mains voltage stabilization prolongs the life of connected equipment by 30% in comparison to conventional HKVA UPS.


*The overall efficiency generally mentioned is on full load which is typically 90-93%, but in actual condition the load would be around 75% and the overall efficiency fall to around 75-80%.

Since the Online UPS is generally kept in ON condition to cater the power supply to important gadgets like servers and fax machines in the non-working hours (typically 12hrs) the efficiency of the UPS at such loads will be around 50% amounting to huge losses in terms of electricity bills.

In short Proxy Online UPS is an ideal and economical power solution which has a low operating cost and longer life.

Go green, save energy, preserve the earth!