How Much Do You Know about Frequency Inverter?

What is Frequency Inverter ?

The frequency inverter is the effective solution to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. On this page we will talk about the characteristics and operation of the frequency inverters.


Requirements of frequency inverter :-

Electric motors play a very important role in our businesses and lives as they basically control everything we need for our work and leisure activities. All of these motors run on electricity and require a certain amount of electrical power to do their job of providing torque and speed. The speed of an engine should exactly match that required by the process in question, and use only the necessary energy.

The frequency variator regulates the speed of electric motors so that the electricity that reaches the motor adjusts to the actual demand of the application, reducing the motor’s energy consumption by between 20 and 70%.

A frequency inverter by definition is an industrial regulator that is located between the power supply and the motor. The mains energy passes through the drive and regulates the energy before it reaches the motor, and then adjusts the frequency and voltage according to the requirements of the procedure.

Inverters reduce the output power of an application, such as a pump or fan , by controlling the motor speed, ensuring that it does not operate at a higher speed than necessary.

The use of frequency inverters for the intelligent control of motors has many financial, operational and environmental advantages, as it improves productivity, increases energy efficiency and, at the same time, prolongs the useful life of equipment, preventing deterioration and preventing unexpected stops causing downtime.

Variable frequency drive is also known as AC frequency converter, variable speed drive,VSD, VFC or VFD for short or simply drive or converter. There is often confusion about the difference between variable speed drive and frequency inverter or frequency converter. If we take as reference the most widely used international acronyms (“VFD” of English “Variable Frequency Drive”), and translate it literally, it would lead us to “Variable Frequency Drive”. However, the most used terms currently in our country are frequency converter and frequency inverter.

This is how the frequency inverter works :-

1. Convert incoming AC to DC

2. Smooth the DC wave

3. Convert DC to AC variable

4. Calculate and repeat.