Top 5: renewable energies that you should know

Renewable Energies: Renewable energies are sources of inexhaustible and clean energy. They are different from fossil fuels mainly because of their diversity, abundance, and potential for use anywhere in the world. Due to its great importance in

4 simple steps in how do solar panels work?

How do solar panels work?   We all know what photovoltaic energy is and even its great utility, but do you know how solar panels work? First, if you do not remember very well what solar panels

How to Choose GFCI receptacle/receptacle or a GFCI circuit breaker/breaker?

GFCI Protection GFCI protection (ground fault circuit interrupter) is required for many receptacles or receptacles throughout the home and in outdoor locations. This protection can be provided by a GFCI circuit breaker/breaker or by GFCI receptacles/receptacles. Advantages

What are the types of UPS & The difference between a UPS and a backup battery?

 Types of UPS      Standby UPS The interactive Online UPS double conversion     When purchasing UPSs, many people still have doubts about which is the best product for their application, because they do not know

Difference between demand factor and diversity factor

Difference between Demand Factor & Diversity Factor There are two terms that seem to confuse electrical designers. These terms are “diversity factor” and “demand factor“. The diversity factor is the ratio between the sum of the maximum

Interesting facts about solar Panels & Solar Battery

About Solar Panels & Solar Battery As everyone knows the fact of solar panels and solar battery are photovoltaic cells that generate electricity under the influence of sunlight. And it does not matter where these panels are

The Voltage & current operation of photovoltaic Solar Panels

Solar Panels The Voltage & current operation of photovoltaic solar panels has some properties that are not like the properties of other common forms of solar energy. The origin of Photovoltaic Solar Panels currents From the point

10 important things about the Emergency lighting maintenance factor

10 important things about the Emergency lighting maintenance factor The maintenance factor is defined as the “ratio between the average luminance in the work plane after a certain period of use of a lighting installation and the

What is the difference between a UPS and an inverter

Difference between a UPS and an inverter However, people are still confused by the difference between a UPS and an inverter because the UPS and the inverters are backup power sources during the main power interruption. We

The best sources of Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)

Sources Of Uninterruptible Power Supply The Sources of Uninterruptible Power Supply for Selecting the required UPS should be based on the power consumption of the equipment. The power of the battery should be 20-30% higher than the similar