Telemetry is the remote measurement of the energy consumptions that have any installation, either gas or electricity in order to take management actions and energy savings. Traditionally, this measurement is done face-to-face since the energy meters, even being digital, do not have a modem that sends the registered consumption data. This allows to carry out actions of monitoring, management, and energy saving on the consumptions of the installation.


Energy management is increasingly present in companies or public administrations, from the Corporate Social Responsibility policies to the control of consumption to boost energy savings or the hiring of supply points. It is no longer strange to find organizations with an energy management system with a deployment of monitoring equipment that seeks to optimize the energy efficiency of its facilities.

Advantages of Telemeasure

When monitoring energy consumption in the company or organization, one of the most convenient options is to keep under control the variables for which the invoice is paid: active energy, power, and reactive energy. Another advantage of telemetry is its low cost. It will only be necessary to change the counter for one that has a modem or to add a modem to the existing counter. On the other hand, telemetry allows you to simulate the energy bill so that the amount can be foreseen before sending the company.

Service for SMEs,

In an SME, especially in a small multi-site network, it will allow the development of optimization actions and reduction of electricity consumption costs. The savings will vary greatly depending on the status of the billing.

In a large company with many supply points, it allows for a comparison of consumption and control over invoices and operation of the facilities at a very low cost.

In a large industry with complex consumption will also be necessary to complement the telemetry with a network of sub-measure, which allows discerning between consumption.

The electric consumption meter

This consumption measurement device is suitably approved and calibrated in the laboratory according to current regulations. It is periodically reviewed and re-calibrated when the distribution company demands it. It is a measurement equipment of first brand, high reliability, and robustness as the one that exists in any point of consumption, to which Creara incorporates a communication modem.

Types of light meters

Although apparently, all the counters are the same, the reality is not like that. Depending on the characteristics of the electricity supply, the regulations stipulate the type of meter that must be installed.

The type 1 and 2 meters are prepared for large installations where the number of electrical equipment is considerable and high consumption occurs. They are smart and therefore digital meters, which always have to carry a communication modem that sends the consumption data that are produced via GSM / GPRS.

The type 3 and 4 meters are located in medium-sized facilities and in most of the premises. They are usually digital or intelligent counters with reading usually in-situ. If telemetry is required, a modem is necessary.

The type 5 counters are the domestic counters, as well as those in small stores. These facilities are the only ones where mechanical counters can still be found. In 2007, the STAR project was developed, which requires replacing these meters by December 31, 2018, with digital or intelligent ones that allow time discrimination and Telemanagement.


The installation of the telemetry solution is a very simple process. It is an approved counter, similar, and even identical at times, to the counter of the distribution company. The meter must be parameterized at the factory according to the characteristics of the electrical installation. If required by current regional regulations, a calibration and verification process must be carried out in the laboratory. Prior to starting the installation in the field, a notice of the procedure for replacing the meter with the distribution company is issued.

GENiO: Monitoring, management, reporting 

Genio is a monitoring and energy management program. It is the brain where the intelligence of the telemetry system is located. This monitoring software has several modules for energy management, the generation of reports on energy consumption, supply billing, optimization of parameters or the incorporation of ISO 50001 application methodologies and energy saving measures.

It is an energy management program that is in the cloud, so you do not need installation or pay for a license. Management intelligence is what helps to generate energy savings and optimize the management of the point of supply.

Energy consumption reports

This monitoring can also be carried out by comparing the same point of supply in different periods of time, or by comparing different points of consumption among themselves in the same period of time. These results can be translated into automatic periodic reports on the evolution of key energy parameters, fundamental for monitoring and energy management.

Invoice simulator

The forecast of invoices of GENIO is strict and rigorous since the software extracts the data from the tax accountant, from where the marketer, in turn, extracts the consumptions that the invoices. This simulation of costs is also done by incorporating the data of the supply contract into the intelligence of the program, either under a fixed price or an indexed price mode, so that the prices will also be always updated.Telemetry