Why we use a frequency converter to control fans and pumps?

Energy saving

The great advantage of using a variator or frequency converter (vdf) to control the speed of fans or pumps is in the electricity savings that are obtained. Compared to alternative regulatory systems and technologies, a frequency inverter is the optimal energy control system for regulating fan and pump systems.

Better regulation

By using a frequency converter to regulate the flow or pressure of a system, a better regulation function is obtained that can be adjusted very precisely. A variator or frequency converter (vdf)  can totally vary the speed of a fan or a pump, allowing for a very wide variable flow and pressure control.

In addition, it quickly regulates the speed of a fan or a pump, adapting them to the new conditions of flow or pressure of the system. In contrast, traditional mechanical flow and pressure regulation systems provide slow and imprecise regulation compared to that of a frequency converter. Among the benefits of using a frequency inverter to control fans and pumps, are:

Easier installation

A frequency converter can replace a traditional regulating system, in which mechanical valves and gates are used to regulate the flow or pressure, making the system easier, since no much of the electrical and mechanical equipment.

 V-belts are not required in mechanical governor systems

In systems where the fan is powered by V-belts, it is necessary to change the belt discs to adjust the fan speed to the maximum load required. By using a frequency converter, the belts can be replaced by directly driven motors, the speed of which is simply changed with the vdf, thus improving system efficiency. Similarly, the entire installation takes up less space, no belt dust and requires less maintenance.

Gate valves and regulators are not required

Since flow or pressure can be regulated by the frequency converter, gate valves and regulators are not required in the system.

No star / delta starter or soft starter required

When relatively large motors need to be started, in many countries it is necessary to use equipment that limits start-up voltage. In traditional systems, a star / delta starter or soft starter is generally used. These motor starters are not needed if a frequency converter is used.