FEB 28, 2023

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  • UPS is the abbreviation of Uninterruptable Power System, (Uninterruptible Power System).
  • It is used to electrical equipment
  • is costly
  • both in time
  • due to loss of information or damage to its components.


  • Rectifier that rectifies the alternating current input
  • providing direct current to charge a battery.
  • From this it is fed to an inverter that converts it again into alternate.
  • After having discharged the battery, it is usually recharged in a time of 8 to 10 hours
  • The capacity of the charger should be proportional to the size of the battery needed.

There are several types of ups that are:

  1. On Line type
  2. Stand By

On Line type

  • The current passes through the rectifier permanently
  • charges the battery and also supplies the Inverter
  • which in turn supplies the output with alternating current.
  • If the input voltage is cut, the batteries continue to power the inverter
  • That the output does not suffer any interruption due to the cut.
  • The rectifier must be sized to provide more power than the inverter
  • since it must also recharge the battery after a discharge.
  • Both must be able to work with all their power permanently.

Stand By

  • Where the Switch is normally connected to the input line (By Pass)
  • bringing the energy from the input directly to the output (usually through a voltage stabilizer and line filter).
  • If the input voltage is cut, the switch connects the output to the inverter
  • which starts to work instantaneously, feeding the output from the batteries.
  • Since the input line is cut (or out of normal range) until the 220 Volts supply is restored to the output
  • a time of the order of 5 milliseconds (or ΒΌ cycle) passes.


This type of UPS is widely used in ARVI UPS; they are used to be able to store the files of computers if there is a power outage for example giving a time of electricity. Depending on how large the equipment is, you will have more or less alternative energy time.

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