A general vision of uninterrupted power systems (UPS)

JAN 22, 2023

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Uninterrupted power systems (UPS)

  • An Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) is an electrical device that provides continuous,
  • Uninterrupted power to critical alternating current (AC) loads,
  • As well as isolation between input and output.
  • The battery charger converts the alternating current energy into direct current (DC) energy,
  • Supplied to both a battery system and the inverter.
  • Converts it from CC to CA supplied to the critical load (s).

UPS Online v / s Off-line

  • A true UPS is a constant inline system that means normal operating conditions.
  • The flow of energy is through the battery charger and then from the inverter to the load.
  • Off-line systems (or stand-by) are designed so that under normal conditions.
  • The load is fed directly from the commercial energy source, not through the inverter.
  • Depending on the design and the cost
  • The voltage can be conditioned by means of a voltage regulating transformer (or a power conditioner),
  • Placed in the power circuit between the commercial power source and the load.


  • The inverter only supplies power to the load if the power of the network fails
  • The batteries take the load of the inverter for a determined period of time (normally 15 to 20 minutes).
  • While this topology may be acceptable for some non-critical applications,
  • It is unacceptable in process control and power generation applications.
  • The commercial or utility network, which supplies AC power to the battery charger.
  • DC power and the bypass or alternate which would be another AC source that provides emergency power to the load if the inverter is unable to supply power
  • The bypass source also supplies
  • AC to DC in the rectifier and then from DC to AC in the inverter.
  • Another common term is reverse transfer, which refers to the charge, under certain conditions (such as those described above, such as faults or a manual operation)
  • Transferred back to the commercial power source.

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